Railway State Minister Shri Manoj Sinha

An IIT Graduate , former president of Students Union at Banaras Hindu University Shri Manoj Sinha now is Minister of State of Railways.


Shri Manoj Sinha

Shri Manoj Sinha

Mr. Manoj Sinha belongs to Bhumihar Community , born on 1st July 1959 in Mohanpura , Ghazipur , Uttar Pradesh.. In 16th Lok Sabha , Indian Parliament he is representing Ghazipur Constituency.

Shri Manoj Sinha possess B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT , BHU .In year 1982 , he was the President of Student Union and this was the beginning of his political career. From 1989 to 1996 he was a Member of the National Council. In year 1996 he was elected to 11th Lok Sabha and then again re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha in year 1999. Now In 2014 , he is re-elected to 16th Lok Sabha from Ghazipur Constituency in Uttar Pradesh.

Various of his works among poor people of backward villages are well known which also makes his personality popular. Due to his attachment with agriculture and social works , people from backward areas frequently visits to meet him . He always looks energetic and give his full attention to hear each and every individuals problem.

He is also known as very honest person . An independent Company’s survey result shows that he is one of the very rare politician in current generation who expend all his allotted money in between people welfares.

 Positive thinking , Spotless past , Honesty, Down to earth and Helping nature all these qualities makes him the important and precious Ministers in Modi Cabinet. We would like to see him at more height in Modi Governance.

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  1. Rajani kant Rai

    मनोज जी उनमे से है जो तेरहवी लोकसभा में अटल जी के साथ दस ईमानदार सांसदों में चुने गए थे।जब की उन्होंने संसद फंड का पूरा प्रयोग किया था।

  2. Best thing about him that he always ready to help us. I have personal experience.

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