Lieutenant Sankalp Kumar sacrificed his life for Nation, behalf of all Bhumihar community members Pays Tribute to Lt. Sankalp Kumar Shukla .

Lieutenant Sankalp Kumar Shukla , who sacrified his life to save the name and fame of our country is from our Bhumihar Community . Yes he is because his presence in our heart will always remains alive.

Lieutenant Sankalp Kumar Shukla , an army officer from Punjab Regiment laid down his life in URI Camp of Kashmir where Pakistan Sponsored terrorists attacked at sudden with heavy arms and ammunition. 

As soon as the news of his sacrifice reached his home at Aakash Nagar in Ranchi, Jharkhand, what ensued was nothing short of mayhem. His

Lieutenant Sankalp Kumar Shukla Sacrificed life for Nation

Lieutenant Sankalp Kumar Shukla

mother in a fit of madness became hysterical, she swooned forthwith, her condition deteriorated. Just two days ago Sankalp had called her mother and promised his beloved mother to come back home as a Colonel before long.

Lieutenant Sankalp Kumar Shukla’s father Shri S K Shukla, however, is proud of the fact that his son has made an ultimate sacrifice whilst serving the nation. After getting information about the terrorist attack, Shri Shukla tried to contact his daughter-in-law Priya so as to get further details in this regard, but she had none. Thereupon, he reached Army’s information centre where he was informed of his son’s martyrdom. Army’s officers also visited his home and consoled his family.

His father said that Sankalp was about to be promoted as a Colonel on December 12 , 2014. He had joined army 15 years ago and he was their only son. Sankalp’s elder sister Megha is blessed with two daughters while his parents live alone in Ranchi.

Following his schooling from Ranchi based Deepatoli, Sankalp pursed his higher education from Saint Xavier’s college. After clearing the Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam he joined the army 15 years ago. Thenceforth, Lieutenant Sankalp had spent most of his time off his home.

Lieutenant Sankalp’s family said that he was hit by a bullet a few months ago. He came back home on the occasion of Durga Pooja. After some time, he was once again posted to Jammu and Kashmir. Before his departure he had told his parents that by January 2015 his tenure would be over and then he would spend some quality time with them.

Lieutenant Sankalp Kumar Shukla Sankalp had made plenty of friends in Ranchi during his education . Upon receiving information about his martyrdom they began reaching his home. One of his friends Umesh recalls that Sankalp got married in 2004 and that he always wanted to be a high-ranking official in the Indian army and was determined to serve the nation. His college friends became nostalgic while remembering his heroic deeds, as tears trickled down their cheeks.

The mortal remains of Lt Col Sankalp Kumar of 24 Punjab Regiment, were cremated with full military honors at Harmoo Mukti Dham at his hometown on Sunday. His 8-year-old daughter, Sara lit the funeral

pyre amid bouts of cries at the emotionally charged ceremony with mother to her side. “Why did he leave us,” the girl asked her mother. “It’s too soon for him to come here. He can not come here so soon. It is not possible,” Priya Kumari, the widow of Sankalp Kumar, said as she entered Mukti Dham with the funeral procession. A group of Army officersLieutenant Sankalp Kumar Shukla encircled her and expressed condolences. “You should take care of the little girls,” Col Sanjeev Tushir told her. “He did not tell me how to take care of the girls,” she replied with tears rolling down her cheeks. “Bye Sankalp, Bye forever,” she said as flames rose from his pyre.

कश्मीर में शहीद हुए लेफ्टिनेंट कर्नल संकल्प जी की आठ साल की छुटकी पिता की अप्रतिम शहादत को प्रणाम करती हुई ! निशब्द-मौन-आहत-अवश-अशक्त मैं अपने अँजुरी भर आँसुंओं से तुम्हारे चरण पखार लूँ लाड़ो !

Sara - The Brave Daughter

Sara – The Brave Daughter


“बेटियाँ,जो लोरियों मे भी प्रभाती सुन रही थीं,
“पिता तुम पर गर्व है” चुपचाप जा कर बोल आईं
प्रिया,जिस की चूड़ियों मे सितारे से टूटते थे,
मांग का सिंदूर दे कर जो उजाले मोल लाई
है नमन उस देहरी को जहाँ तुम खेले कन्हैया,
घर तुम्हारे, परम तप की राजधानी हो गये है….
है नमन उनको कि जो यशकाय को अमरत्व देकर,
इस जगत में शौर्य की जीवित कहानी हो गये है,
है नमन उनको कि जिनके सामने बौना हिमालय,
जो धरा पर गिर पडे पर आसमानी हो गये है…..!

Bhumihar Community will always stands with his family . hats off for Lieutenant Sankal Kumar Shukla and his Proud Father.

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