Kashi Naresh Vibhuti Narayan Singh

Narayan Dynasty of Bhumihar Brahmins ruled the kingdom of Kashi

Part of Narayan Dynasty ( 1000 AD to 1947 AD ) , Kashi Naresh Late Vibhuti Narayan Singh was last King of The Benares

Vibhuti Narayan Singh

Kashi Naresh

Kingdom ( Kingdom of Kashi ). Born on 05 November 1927, at the age of six years Vibhuti Narayan  Singh was adopted by Maharaja Sir Aditya Narayan Singh . After adoption he renamed as Maharaj Kumar Vibhuti Narayan Singh. In year 1939 , Maharaja Sir Aditya Narayan Singh died at the age of 64.

In the age of 12 years as he was minor a working committee formed to look after the Kingdom of Benares. He studied at Mayo College , Ajmer . He did his Post Graduation in Sanskrit from Banaras Hindu University. In year 1947 he took his charge as Maharaja Vibhuti Narayan Singh . He had court and army for his Kingdom.  On 15th October 1948, he merged Benares into the new Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. With that, Maharaja Vibhuti Narayan Singh’s short reign officially came to an end, although he maintained his titles of Kashi Naresh for many more years because of his attachment with people of varanasi. Ramnagar Fort , the place where he lived now maintained as a Museum.

A deeply religious and scholar of Vedas and Puranas, Maharaja Vibhuti Narayan Singh strictly adhered to orthodox Hindu customs. Despite the official decision of the Indira Gandhi government to abolish the titles of the Indian monarchs on 28 December 1971, he remained deeply respected for the remainder of his life by people of Varanasi. A distinguished scholar of Sanskrit, Puranas and the Vedas, he also presided over a number of scholastic, religious and charitable institutions, including a term from 1992 until his death as Chancellor of Benaras Hindu University. He was the great man who donated a large area to construct Banaras Hindu University (BHU). He took part in various public religious ceremonies in the City of Varanasi. At his death on 25th December 2000, aged 73, he had 4 issues 3 daughters and a son : 1. Kumari Shri Vishnu Priya  2. Kumari Shri Har Priya  3. Kumari Shri Krishna Priya and the youngest being Anant Narayan Singh who succeeded him and Anant Narayan Singh has two son 1. Kunwar Aniruddh Narayan Singh and 2. Praddyumna Narayan Singh

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