Justice for Aruna Rai

Aruna Rai is SI in UP Police, where she had to face Sexual Harassment by a senior IPS officer. Support Aruna Rai, who is seeking JUSTICE.
Let me clear one thing, it is not Aruna Rai, who is operating this page / website. It is a team who are people like you, who want to support Aruna Rai, in her battle against Injustice.

Aruna Rai is enough busy, to complete her Paper Works regarding the case, and visiting here and there to get Justice. She doesn’t have time to handle such social sites. So, all the posts updated here are the efforts of admins, who collect news regarding this case, sometimes we may share the posts from Aruna’s timeline here.

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  1. Rajiv Rai

    Aruna Rai पहले भी चिल्ला चिल्ला कह रही थी की सारी सबूत की सी डी पुलिस और विवेचना अधिकारी को दी थी। इसका संज्ञान न लेना या विवेचना निष्पक्ष ढंग से करने के लिए फोरेंसिक प्रयोगशाला तक न भेजना और सक्षम कोर्ट में पेश न करना। क्या यह तथ्य यह जाहिर करता की विवेचना अधिकारी आरोपी से मिली हुई है , इससे ज्यादा साक्ष्य क्या हो सकता है , इसको कोर्ट संज्ञान में क्यों नहीं लेता।

  2. Pankaj Kumar

    For all people of our community its time to get united and stand in support of Justice of Aruna Rai.

  3. ऐसा सुनने में आ रहा है की देवी प्रशाद श्रीवासत्व ( DIG ) सस्पेंड होने के बावजूद अभी भी पुलिस हेड क्वाटर में बैठा है , जो जांच को प्रभावित कर रहा है , और इस तरह से यह संभव है की वो न्यायलय को भी प्रभावित कर ले और अपना जमानत करवाने में सफल हो जाय। ऐसी परिस्थिति में Aruna Rai को न्याय कैसे मिलेगा।

  4. If Tarun Tejpal of Tehalka being employees of private organisation can go to jail, Justice Ganguli being at constitutional post can be asked to vacate the post. Why accused DIG of Aruna Rai case in spite of clinching evidence is still in service and not sent behind bar .why no action has been initiated against IO Ms Swarnjeet Kaur, who is guilt of offence for removal of 354 IPC , colluding with offender and for dereliction of her duty vested by the law.

  5. In accordance with The Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965 . The accused DIG is guilty of an offence Under section 3B(ii) I.e. Observance of Government’s policies:- observe the Government’s policies regarding prevention of crime against women and 3C:- Prohibition of sexual harassment of working women , therefore he must be punished Major Penalties :- (iv) Dismissal from the service which disqualify from future employment.
    Any Punishment less than the sated above would be views that his connection is Government is helping him and a suitable action must be initiated against all those officials

  6. Friends Times of India speaks the facts of Aruna Rai case . A positive node of action initiated due to social media and our sister .

    LUCKNOW: In a sudden u-turn, the investigating officer (IO) in the alleged sexual harassment of a woman sub-inspector moved the court of chief judicial magistrate, Meerut, on Friday seeking arrest warrant against the accused IPS officer, DP Srivastava.

    The victim had accused the IO ? DSP Swarnjeet Kaur ? of letting off Srivastava by removing Section 354 (non-bailable offence) from the FIR. It helped Srivastava to secure bail from a Meerut court.

    However, following the victim’s allegation, Kaur again included Section 354 in the FIR.

    “The case was made weak. I had raised it before senior authorities and also wrote to the chief minister and the women commission. The removal of Section 354 was a deliberate attempt to ensure that the IPS officer did not spend a single day in prison,” the complainant alleged. She is also getting support in social media for her fight for justice. On April 23, DP Srivastava, then DIG at Meerut Training School, allegedly summoned the woman cop to his cabin and harassed her. It took her over a month to get an FIR registered against the accused. Srivastava was suspended after the FIR.

    The victim, a sub-inspector in Meerut, alleged she approached many senior officials but none paid heed. “I tried complaining over 1090 (Women Power line) but nobody answered the phone. I then contacting DIG Lucknow Navniet Sekera over email, phone and online posts but got no reply,” she said.

    Sekera, when contacted, said he had forwarded complainant’s email to DGP.

    Meerut SSP Omkar Singh had reportedly asked the complainant to meet chief minister when she demanded a fair probe. IG Meerut zone Alok Sharma had rejected her demand for probe by a senior IPS officer instead of DSP level officer.

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