Administration accepted that DIG Misbehaved

She fought…. fought alone against all the odds, against powerful beings for her justice, for truth and slowly she was joined, joined by like minded who could not withstand the whimsical use of power..

The system which she is fighting to change tried to weaken her case, break her spirit but with unflinching courage she continues to stand…..

come let us all join hands, join her and raise our voice so loud that this very system is forced to bend and change for good.

Was she not afraid for her career or did she not comprehend the possible consequences. But are these bigger than one’s principles? The risks were too few and the cause too great to be left unattended.

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  1. pankaj kumar

    Yes it was well known that there is nothing wrong with complaint registered by Aruna Rai against DIG. Few people were just misguiding people to weaken our protest and they succeeded too. I urge to all of our community members to unite now and its time for big retaliation from us.

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